As a licensed Realtor in Alberta, Joshua works to take on clients’ goals as his own according to their real estate needs. If they need to know the best price for their home and someone to help them fight for that price, Joshua negotiates on their behalf and gets them the best they can get. When a buyer has specific needs for location and type of home he will work with and advise them until they find it. With over a decade of experience they can get a good price and move in when it is right to do so.  Joshua is always happy to help those you send to him.   Starting in 2006 during one of the biggest real estate booms Canada has ever seen, Joshua learned to negotiate in a very challenging market. Competing against as many as thirteen other agents on occasion, Joshua adopted a formula for winning these multiple offers that proved to be very useful. As a dedicated agent he is there when his clients need him and works until the job is done. Joshua loves cultures from around the world. The music, food and people from other places have so much to offer that he looks for chances to have new experiences.  Joshua creates art in various mediums and enjoys singing, dancing, cooking and drawing. Preferring fictional reading when not reading for personal development, Joshua feels a good book is worth taking some time for and loves to go for adventures with his kids.