"ENRICH YOUR LIFE, LIVE THE RURAL LIFESTYLE" Specializing in Rural Real Estate servicing areas from Clearwater County, Mountain View, Rocky View, to Foothills... Luxury Acreages to Farms, Land, Country Residential to Agricultural & unique Recreational properties all form part of Debbie's vast listing and sales portfolio. Rural Real Estate has been Debbie's passion from the beginning of her real estate career back in 2004 - not only as the industry she works but also for the rural lifestyle she lives in and sells daily. With her desire to be part of the community she lives and with Debbie's devotion and experience teaching gymnastics and dance, she held local weekly classes for young children which proved to be a popular success. Volunteering for various local fundraisers, charity events, and community functions were all an essential fiber in belonging and growing within her community. Debbie approaches every challenge with tenacity and dedication with class as she has proven in every aspect of her life, personally and professionally. Now more than ever, family and enjoying everyday accompanied with perseverance, integrity, honesty, and compassion are some of the important rules Debbie lives by. Today, Debbie uses her positive and uplifting persona and proven skills and success in the industry to help her clients achieve the same success. As a PREMIER REAL ESTATE ADVISOR, Debbie knows all too well the importance and impact of the sale or purchase of a home has on family. That is the sole reason why Debbie takes such pride in assisting those who have placed their trust in her to achieve the very best experience to suit their specific needs. By enriching her clients with the service, tools, and resources they deserve, Debbie helps her loyal clients make informed decisions about their real estate needs and investments now as well as creating strong, lifelong relationships. "Love the life you live...LIVE RURAL"